Booking A Session

Booking A Session
If you want to arrange a session then contact me here. I’ll want to hear about your kinks, fantasies, limits, and availability. If I feel we would be a good match then I will get back to you within a few days. We will have a brief discussion about the content of the session and then agree on a time, date, and venue. Once this has been agreed you will pay a 20% deposit to confirm the booking. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel within 7 days of the session.

I keep these discussions brief and ask for a deposit once the basic details have been decided to sort out those who are genuine about meeting from those who are just looking to chat endlessly.

I am based in East London. I primarily work out of dungeons or hotels in this area. I do not host sessions at my home.

Cost and Payment
My tribute is £100 per hour. One hour is the minimum duration for a session. I accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer. The client also covers the cost of the hotel or dungeon.

Things You Should Know

Sexual Health
In order to look after my own sexual health, and the sexual health of my clients and sexual partners, I ask all clients who want a session which would include unprotected oral sex to get a full STI screening before the meeting, show me the results, and not to have any form of unprotected sex between the test and our meeting. I am happy to meet with clients who cannot do this for whatever reason, however I would wear a condom for any activities which could pose a risk to my sexual health. In order to get a sexual health test, you can either attend a sexual health clinic (you can find your nearest one here) or you can use a home test kit (which you can order here).

Anal Play
If you are interested in exploring anal play in a session, you will need to douche beforehand. If you aren’t familiar with douching, you can find more information about it here. If you do not have a douche, you will need to buy one. This isn’t something that I would do with you in the session, so you would need to do this yourself beforehand.

If you aren’t doing anal play regularly, then it can take the body a while to adapt to it. If your preference is to try anal play for the first time with me in the session then I am happy to do so, just know that this is something that we would do gradually and may take up a lot of time. If you would prefer to explore deeper and faster anal play in the session, then I recommend stretching beforehand using plugs or dildos, and lots of lube!