My Kinks

I provide an encouraging, non-judgemental space for people to explore their fantasies. Below are some of my favourite kinks. If you think you’d be able to satisfy my desires then get in touch.

Whether it’s cuffs or shibari, enjoy the feeling of helplessness as I restrain you.

Impact play
Feel the rush of endorphines from being slapped, spanked, paddled or flogged.

Chastity and orgasm denial
Give up control of your body to your Mistress so you can focus instead on her pleasure.

Experience the humiliation of forced sissification or enjoy a collaborative feminisation session.

Anal play
Experience the pleasure of being stretched and penetrated. I have an array of plugs, dildos, and harnesses to choose from.

Play with different roles and identities in scripted or character-driven scenarios.

Sensation play
Whimper from the intense feelings of pinwheels, claws, hot wax, and ice or the uncertainty of deprivation with blindfolds and white noise.

Degradation and humiliation
Allow yourself to feel pathetic and worthless through name calling, taunting, or SPH.

Foot worship
Get on the floor where you belong and and worship your Mistress’ boots and feet.

Breath play
Give up control of your breathing to a Mistress who loves to choke her slaves.

Financial Domination
Meet your Mistress at an ATM and show her what an eager little paypig you are or pay tributes online to feel the rush of financial submission.

And more…
I have many other kinks. If you want to know if I can work with yours then get in touch.

I do not do CBT, medical play, rimming, or sounding.