Client Testimonials

If you want an idea of what it’s like to have a session with me, you can read what some of my previous clients have said.

“Mistress Kira was both approachable and professional. She put me instantly at ease and quickly intuited my desires and needs, giving me an extraordinary experience I will never forget. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she changed my life in the time we spent together.”
– Sissy Lauren

“Mistress Kira arrived exactly on time and looked incredible. She was able to get the perfect balance between being dominant and caring and I enjoyed every minute of our time together.” 
– J

“Before I wanted to believe I was just a regular straight guy, and now I’m wearing my gf’s clothes everyday and dreaming of cock. I think she made me accept a lot of stuff I was in denial about.”
– A

“Absolutely wonderful host, beautiful in every way. Looked like she could be intimidating if you disappointed her – fortunately I didn’t disappoint. Had an amazing time, she really knew what she was doing. Dressed me up and was an expert at applying makeup to feminise me. She made me worship her like a goddess and I was only too happy to do so, she was worth every moment of it. She truly made me desperate for her cock and it showed throughout the session and she certainly knew how to use it. She fucked me HARD. My best sexual experience.”
– Sissy Nicole

“Exuded a calming energy and tailored my session to my wants and desires. A+ dick.”
– L

“Incredible experience at both physical and mental level. Mistress Kira, apart from being extremely sexy, knows how to push the right buttons to bring out your intimate desires. Can’t wait to further explore what we can do together.”
– F

“I met Mistress Kira at a well-known and busy station in Central London for some public humiliation and a cash meet. My first impression of her was how sexy she looked. I knew instantly of the power she had over me and that I had to be on my best behaviour. She then demanded my bank card and took all the cash she wanted. She gave me the money, ordered me on to my knees and made me kiss her high heels and hand the money over note by note for the world to see. It turned me on so much and I am now looking forward to a more physical session with her. I wouldn’t want to be owned by any other Mistress.”
– Sissy boy L